Work on GNOME Books has continued, and actually a great update is behind the door. Let’s get in…

When most of the functionality in the Read Mode was implemented it was time to start working on the Overview Mode. I am very excited to write about this update. The app is getting real good, and it is starting to fulfill some basic requirements making the user experience better.


Overview Mode lists all the eBooks in the epub format that are part of your Books folder in your $HOME directory. Overview Mode is showing the cover of the eBook. Books can be listed in two modes, as a list and as a grid of icons.

 list-view      grid-view

Later on, some more information is going to be shown in the list mode. An interesting feature would also be to add a book details dialog, which will show all the information about the book.

By clicking one of the books a Read Mode opens, with the contents of the chosen book.


Read Mode was also changed with some design improvements. Title bar is updating with the book title. Icons for loading table of contents and page numbers (which are hopefully going to be discard in the future) are part of the title bar.

read-modeHope you enjoyed this short post. The next step would be to create a roadmap towards the goal, so expect my update soon.