Here is a short status of the work done from the previous report. So let’s not waste too many word…

As mentioned in the previous report GNOME Books Library exposes WebKit WebView and the functionality needed for the interaction with epub.js. There are some new features. The library implements navigation bar and page controlling (total number of pages, status of the current page) as well as table of contents (links to the book chapters).

While working on the interaction between WebKit and epub.js certain issues are present. Epub.js uses RSVP.js, tools for organizing asynchronous code, by using Promises. There is no such functionality in WebKit, which causes a bad interaction between the WebKit JS execution and the epub.js. Because of that some extra steps in the user interaction were added, such as buttons to Load Table of Contents and Load Page Number. This should be further discussed and improved, so the user can achieve it’s task in the least number of steps.

Google Summer of Code is close to it’s end. An overview post with the pictures of the work done during GSoC is on it’s way… stay tuned ;).