I’m going to tell you briefly about the work and other stuff that happened from the previous report. Lets see…


In the previous report I wrote about the challenge which I had to overcome, and that is a need to run a server, by using the library epub.js. Without a server there was a cross origin issue because of “cross-domain” requests JavaScript makes to access the files. Therefore I made some research about URI schemes, and implemented a possibile solution.

As an introduction to it I would like to give you an overview of the test application’s flow, and how epub.js is being used. To follow my words look at the flow chart below. At the beginning (1) WebKitWebView has to be created. Next, the WebKitWebContext is being created and scheme is registered in Context (2). When a URI request with scheme is made in the WebKitWebContext the registered callback will be called. A callback function is opening the file (3) and it starts reading through the file (4). This is .html file, which is predefined and it is used to structure the ebook viewer, to preload epub.js library and to start rendering eBook. Interaction with the WebKit View and epub.js is being done by the JavaScript in this file. From there on epub.js starts rendering an eBook by HTTP “GET” request (5,6). At this point I used URI scheme for cross domain requests. The files that are being accessed are from the .epub format, such as .xhtml, .ncx, .css, .jpg. The problem is that in this files new HTTP requests are made for the style-sheets and pictures. The solution to this could be to redirect requests to use registered URI scheme.

As a conclusion I can say that this method is promising, and at this point I’m able to read an eBook in the .epub format without running the server, but some more improvements have to be done in order to show pictures and to apply the styles from the style-sheets.


The repository of the test application can be found on github [1].


  • Finish the URI scheme
  • Manage the interaction between library and WebKit
  • Application structure

Croatian Linux Users’ Convention

Last week I received an email from Marina Zhurakhinskaya. She invited me to join Croatia’s biggest and oldest FLOSS conference DORS/CLUC as a speaker in the round table panel on topic “Women in FLOSS technology world” together with Jasna Benčić, Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph, Ana Mandić, and Lucija Pilić. I was very excited about this opportunity and I gladly accepted the call. Today was the first day of the conference, and our round table took place too. We talked about different experiences of the girls in the FLOSS world and in IT in general, we also discussed how to encourage women to involve more in this exciting world, and we promoted different opportunities that are out there.

FlowChart URI scheme
Flow Chart of the test application with the URI scheme

[1] github repository of the test application: https://github.com/martamilakovic/gnome-books